Back at MWC this year Asus debuted its PadFone tablet/phone combination with much fanfare. In April pre-orders were available in Taiwan with hopes that the U.S. would soon be able to do the same. Well sadly as is with most technologies the device was delayed with the S4 processor shortage being the possible culprit as to why. Well in a “leaked” video on Asus’ YouTube that has now been taken down Asus went as far as to boast about the PadFone’s battery life. According to the video the phone itself will see 16 hours of use where the the tablet mode and laptop modes should see 63 and 102 hours respectively. According to the folks at engadget though, Asus said that this is in regards to 2G talk time.

Asus was awesome enough though in sharing some of the more realistic battery life figures they’ve found in a lab setting. When the device was set at half brightness it came up with the following results:


WIFI browsing-

  • phone mode – 2.6 hours
  • tablet mode – 10.7 hours
  • laptop mode – 17 hours

As you can see the battery life isn’t really that exciting but with a 1520mAh battery that is to be expected. However these are actual use numbers rather than the “up to” numbers that device manufacturers like to put out. Even though the device is slated to release “soon” we still have some time to wait. If you’re having a hard time doing just that for this device you can still always check out the unboxing video we told you about yesterday. Enjoy!


source: Engadget Chinese
via: Engadget



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