Android Tablet PCs

Today’s tablets come with two types of touch screens. Knowing the difference between the two is very important depending on what exactly you will be using your tablet for. Capacitive and resistive touch screens are the two most popular screen types you will find in most manufactured tablets today. Apple iPad uses a capacitive screen, where as most of the original Android tablets use resistive. Capacitive screens can only use fingers for on screen navigation, plus they feature great multi-touch support. Capacitive Screens also have great visibility in the sunlight and are very sensitive to finger touch, which make navigation and use of the screen functions very fast and efficient.

Resistive tablet pc touch screens on the other hand are very sensitive to any touch by the user. Resistive screens rely on pressure to register input on the tablet pc, similar to pushing the keys on a keyboard but with much less force. This also make great for using a stylus and navigation on your tablets desktop. Although multi-touch is not a feature on resistive screens, some newer manufactures has installed new resistive screen that offer a two point touch which can be as effective as capacitive screens.

So it really up to the buyer and user on which type of screen to get when you determine the use of the tablet pc. Although most capacitive tablet pc’s are more expensive then resistive, both are very similar with most of the new tablets shipping out from manufactures in the late 2011, early 2012 releases.

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