For those of you Galaxy Nexus owners who are football fans, the NFL Mobile app from Verizon is up and running now for the device. Rumor had it that the app was due to be ready for the GNex on January 4th and sure enough it was. The NFL Mobile app now fully supports Ice Cream Sandwich but some of you may need to install the Verizon Login app in order to make it work. I have been reading reports that some GNex users are not requiring the Login app, but I personally needed it. I am also running a custom ROM so that may have something to do with it as well. Either way, both download links are below so if the NFL Mobile app doesn’t work, you know why. Let us know what your results are and what custom ROM (if any) you are using, I am curious to see what is causing the Login error.

Some folks are still having issues even with both apps installed so if that is you , you might have to wait for the next NFL Mobile update to hit. We will keep you posted. Jump past the cut for the download links.

NFL Mobile

Verizon Login

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