“We think you should never be surprised about the info an app is accessing.” This is the mantra that sparked the creation of Privacy Advisor by Lookout Labs last year and is the reason for the newly created Ad Network Detector that’s available now in the Android Market. In beta this app was known as the Push Ad Detector and has since graduated to the app we have today. It looks to add transparency to information being collected from you.

Basically with Ad Network Detector you will be able to see what information the ad networks within apps on your device have access to. Ad networks collect personal identifiable information to use in advertising campaigns and are used to show more relevant ads, much like those found in web email. The ads generated in turn makes money which allows for some of the games and other apps you see to be free for use. So while they can be used for good, someone with less-than-good intentions could look to score from this information too.

Also, with the Carrier IQ scandal that came to light recently, folks are worried about what kind of information is being sent out and they are worried that their once private information won’t be so much anymore. Well folks, you can now rest a bit easier knowing where your information is going. For those of you who want the app hit the break below get a QR code and market link.

With the rise in doubt about our private information’s security and even though Congress is stepping in, it’s good to see companies take steps towards transparency of information. Does this put your mind at ease?

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source: Lookout Blog


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